My new body… for now.. and my weight loss plans

I gained 50 lbs during my pregnancy with Rose. Since she weighed a whopping 6.2 lbs at birth, I was still quite a bit larger after she was born than I am used to. And so my weight loss journey begins. Over the past few months I’ve shed about 20 lbs, mainly thanks to breastfeeding. But no thanks to Nutella I haven’t been able to lose anymore.

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My current uniform is tights and whatever lose fitting top/sweater will cover my butt. I’d love some new clothes, but refuse to spend too much money on outfits that (I hope) will not fit me for too much longer. I selected a few pieces from Shop Pink Blush that I can wear now AND continue to wear once I shed the extra pounds. These clothes are reasonably priced, soft, cozy, and cute.

a smiling light skinned woman sitting on a couch wearing black tights and a white and black long cardigan

No Tummy Mommy

I started the No Tummy Mommy 4 week kick-start program, which consists of an exercise regime and nutrition guidelines. Trisha- founder and owner has created a very easy to follow program, and checks in for accountability. Exercise rotates between circuits and high/low intensity cardio.

The nutrition plan (the most important piece for weight loss in my opinion) includes a meal plan, food reference guide, and even some easy and delicious recipes. I love eating and cooking healthy food (such as this feta cucumber salad, this beet salad or this corn soccotash dish), so this part will be easy. I’m very disciplined when I put my mind to something and will follow this program with the goal of feeling better, stronger and leaner… hopefully enough to fit back into my jeans because I am kind of tired of my tights, as comfy as they are. (*this section is not sponsored, the 4 week Kick-start program is on sale right now for $50!)

a mother sitting at a table with her lap top, leavning behind her to talk to her baby, wearing black tights (a weight loss staple) and a lose long grey shirt

a mother sitting at a table holding her fair skinned baby who is sitting on the table, the fair skinned mother is wearing black tights and a grey lose fitting long top

a fair skinned mother sitting on a black leather couch wearing black tights and a black and white long cardigan. She is holding her fair skinned baby girl up in the air above her head, both are smiling

a fair skinned mother stands outside on a modern concrete path wearing black tights and a black tank top with a white and black long cardigan over top and doc martin boots

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a free product from Shop PinkBlush for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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  1. Holy molly you are so beautiful!!!! Love that sweater. I think we have a similar style. I love stylish clothes but I need to be casual! Lol keep it up girl

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