Thursday Top Three- Tips for Teething

baby girl 8 months holding a silver spoon

I honestly don’t know how parents of children with colic manage. Rose is cutting two teeth, as I write this, and she has not been a fun babe to be around today. She wants to cuddle and nurse all day. After trying just about everything to soothe her and her gums, here are my top three tips for teething.

Spoon Tips for Teething

I remember someone telling me that this was the only thing that helped their teething babe, so I figured it was worth a try. Rose loves anything that isn’t actually a toy. She loved holding and biting the spoon and even let me put her down in the high chair for a while when she had it. Tips for teething

8 month old baby girl chewing on a silver spoon

Many Many Teething Toys

I lay on the bed with Rose laying next to me. She also refused to sit up today other than the time spent with the spoon in the high chair. I surrounded her with every teething toy she owns. She went from one to the other to the other. Tips for Teething

tips for teething: baby girl 8 months laying on a bed surrounded by teething toys

Carrier Cuddles

For the majority of the day Rose wanted to be held while I stood. What is it with grumpy baby’s knowing when you try to sit down for a minute? So I popped her in my ergo carrier and was able to get a little cottage cleaning done in-between kisses.

light skinned mother with 8 month old teething baby girl in a carrier

*Other things I did/tried were: Infant Tylenol, cold facecloth for her to chew on, food (she basically refused to eat today- except peaches- smart girl they’re delicious right now), rubbing her gums (she was NOT a fan of this) and Boiron Camilia Baby Teething Drops. I also changed her clothes and/or her bibs constantly as she has reached a new level of drool!

Has anyone had success with the Amber teething necklaces? I’m not a fan of putting something around Rose’s neck, but maybe there is an ankle version?

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