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When I came back to work (in Parkdale) after my maternity leave last summer, I was so happy to see a new baby store, with the sweetest name, This Little Piggy.

Faye opened her store for the very reasons that I was excited to have it, so that moms in the Parkdale and surrounding areas could get things that they would have before had to go online to find- hip clothing, new and interesting baby products, even a good nursing bra.



Faye is someone who likes to stay busy and always wants to help others. So opening This Little Piggy seemed like the right move, “It felt right that I provide support for the neighbourhood, parents and community, since most of my life is happening here”.


“Business is great!” says Faye (pictured above with her two kids), “Hot items are modern burlap swaddles, Ollie Jones clothing, and pura kiki bottles. Everyone wants glass/metal options for water bottles (instead of plastic), so we are sourcing and searching for great alternatives”.

When I asked about current promotions Faye replied, “Well we always have sales”,  which was music to my ears! Right now summer hats are on sale, and the Cake Lingerie line is all 20% off. If you don’t live in the area, don’t worry, all the sales are online as well. Also, mention this blog post to receive 15% off your next in-store purchase!






This Little Piggy is always there to help with questions big or small. Being an experienced mom herself, Faye, and her staff are, “always down to talk about anything baby!”.

“And we are open to suggestions” says Faye, “Some of our best products are because of recommendations… we see ourselves as a shop that works with the community to source what you actually want”.

Be sure to follow along on with This Little Piggy on Instagram @thislil_piggy so you don’t miss any new items or promotions.



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