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A warm cup on a cold day or a homebrewed iced-tea in the summer, those who know me know I love my tea, especially since I quit drinking coffee.  Lately I had been noticing that my go-to tea company has been adding artificial flavours and I wanted something with natural and if possible organic ingredients. Thankfully I stumbled across The Honest Leaf.  I ordered some teas and haven’t looked back. The Honest Leaf is a line of loose leaf wellness teas which were created to help nourish and support your mind and body.

The Honest Leaf was started by Shelby Kroach, who is a nutritionist, foodie and self-proclaimed chef living in Toronto.  Shelby told me that she has always been an active person, starting with competitive gymnastics at age 7 and competitive dance at age 12. “I think that lifestyle was what got me interested in health, nutrition and the body” she said. Shelby completed a degree in Kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario and the went on to get her nutrition certificate at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

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While practicing as a nutritionist Shelby decided to blend teas to target her clients health concerns. Tea was something that she always used regularly for her own health and after taking her teas to a small local food show in 2012, where the feedback was all very positive, The Honest Leaf was born.

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Shelby is inspired by helping others and watching people make positive changes to their health. Each of her teas was created to target  a different system in the body and there are currently 10 wellness blends for purchase. Each tea is carefully formulated with natural and organic herbs, spices and tea leaves. “The Honest Leaf is all about simplicity, vitality and honestly”.

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You can purchase The Honest Leaf teas online and in various stores in Toronto, have a look at the website where you can find a list of all retailers (including McEwan foods, Noah’s Natural Food, Natures Emporium and The Detox Market). You can also find Shelby at the upcoming Yoga Show in Toronto April 1-3, 2016 and at The Gluten Free Garage on May 1st, 2016.

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  1. I totally relate to the point that my go to loose leaf tea is now adding artificial flavours! What is with that…??? I would love to try these teas, maybe a new favourite? ?

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