Summer Vacation with Wateraft

two light skinned moms sitting on a wateraft floating foam raft with a four year old girl and boy wearing water wings

One amazing thing about living in Ontario is the beautiful cottage country. For our summer vacation this year we were lucky enough to ‘cottage hop’ before stopping at my husband’s family cottage on Georgian Bay for a few weeks. We brought our Wateraft with us. If you’ve seen my photos and videos on Instagram you may wonder how we’ve been able to bring this 6 by 15 foot foam raft from cottage to cottage. It’s surprisingly light (weighing 28 lbs). It’s easy to roll up and strap onto the roof-rack of the car (according to my husband– truthfully I haven’t needed to help him).

As we drove between cottages we saw MANY Waterafts out on various lakes. Clearly this is the popular “new thing” to have and as we found, for good reason. There are other rafts on the market. However, the Wateraft is from a family-owned and operated company based in Toronto and is Made in Canada.

Lake of Bays Wateraft

Morris had been waiting patiently for weeks to try out the raft. He changed into his bathing suit the minute we arrived at my mother-in-law’s cottage. He has been out on it every day since. We quickly became friends with the neighbours and their boys played on it when Morris had a break.

Moon River Wateraft

We spent a day with friends and Morris and his buddy played and played on the Wateraft. It’s great for the adults to suntan on while the kids play. There is a small beach at this cottage. We lay the Wateraft on the beach and the kids ran down and safely jumped into the water, using it like a diving board.

Georgian Bay

Since arriving here not a day has passed that we haven’t been out on the Wateraft. Morris and his cousins spent hours jumping, paddling, hanging out, “surfing” and running on it. Rose got in on the action and crawled around on the raft in the water. It also served as a great sand free mat for her on the beach.

Also of note, each raft (except the mini) comes with a tething system including a 10 foot bungee. There is a 20% off sale right now through COSTCO, which includes shipping (in Canada) so grab one today!

*please note: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received free product for review purposes. As always the opinions are completely my own based on my own experience.

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