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How many times have you arrived at the park to realize you forgot sunscreen? A hat? Etc. This happens to me on a weekly basis.  And not to throw my husband under the bus, but after a recent day at the park that resulted in a sunburnt Morris I decided that a “summer park essentials” checklist would be handy. I figure if we could use it, so could you. Park essentials Erica Schott

When I head out with the kids I tend to bring, “everything but the kitchen sink”. I often don’t use the majority of the items I bring, but there are sometimes when I am thankful to have overpacked. If you want to be completely prepared for anything the park may throw at you, use the complete list below. If you want to travel light, use the Must Have’s section only. Below you can click for a free printable, stick it on your fridge and then your husband can never claim “you didn’t remind me” again 😉 Erica Schott

I have a screen shot of the list on my phone, I’ve added it to my favourites so that I can quickly check it before we head out. Erica Schott

This image is the park essentials checklist

Park Essentials Checklists:

  1. Water
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Hat
  4. Diapers/Wipes (if appropriate)
Non-Essential but often handy
  1. Snacks (age appropriate obviously, I always have my diaper bag stocked with peanut free granola bars, raisins, Annie’s organic fruit snacks, and President’s Choice cereal bars for my 4 year old)
  2. Blanket (handy for snack time)
  3. Change of clothes
  4. Bandaid/first aid kit
  5. Carrier (if appropriate- I usually take the stroller to the park to lug the above list with me, but bring the carrier for when we get there so that I can hold the baby while following the 4 year old around if needed)

This list is fluid, and the beauty of a blog is that I can update it whenever I like. So, if you think of an item that I am missing, please comment below and it will be added accordingly! I hope this list helps you as it is helping me (and my husband) to stay organized and prepared for a summer full of park adventures! Park essentials

Get your free Park Essentials Checklist Printable here


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