A Simple DIY Fall Wreath

I struggle with fall. Not because I don’t appreciate the cooler evenings, apple crisps and beautiful colours, I just mourn the loss of summer. It also leads to winter. Although I am a skier I would still take a sunny day on the beach over just about anything. That being said, fall is here and I’m trying to embrace it. So I decided that even though I am in no way a DIYer, I would attempt a simple DIY fall wreath to get me in the spirit.

A few of my blogger friends are also getting into fall decor mode. They may have a bit more expertise and a eye for design than me. Check them out and be impressed! Andrea at Harlow & Thistle and Kate at Emmett’s ABCs.

I didn’t want to spend any money on the wreath. So, being the good little OT that I am, I problem solved and used items I found around the house and yard. simple DIY fall wreath

Supplies Simple DIY Fall Wreath 

  • white coat hanger
  • leaves and dry (ish) flowers from my garden
  • twist ties
  • hockey tape
  • brown string
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • wire cutters

simple diy fall wreath supplies

Process Simple DIY Fall Wreath

I bent the hanger into a square (as best I could) measuring each of the four sides at 10 inches (roughly). At this point I didn’t think that this was going to work out. But as I started to cover the hanger with leaves and flowers (attaching them with twist ties and hockey tape) the wreath began to take shape. It looked prettier with each addition. Once the wreath was full I cut off the top of the hanger with wire cutters and wrapped the brown string to hide the top. Voila!

The wreath won’t last as long as it would with plastic flowers, but now that I know how simple it was to make I may spend a bit of money and invest in flowers (ohhh or succulents) from a local craft shop. I may just become a DIYer!

brown rope wrapped around a white coat hanger on a simple diy fall wreathfall wreath made from leaves and flowers from the garden

Let me know if you try to make a wreath, I’d love some more inspiration for the next time I attempt this! Again here are the links to the other ladies fall decor ideas Harlow & Thistle’s modern fall wreath and Emmett’s ABCs Beautiful and Neutral Fall Front Porch,

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