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Shawn Skeir’s self-titled Skeir Studio Gallery opened in 2007, around the same time I started working in Parkdale. I used to text my husband photos of Shawn’s artwork until we finally bought a couple of pieces.


Shawn was born in Toronto, but raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There he studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. “I returned to Toronto more than 25 years ago to become a member of Toronto’s vibrant and diverse arts community”, Shawn said. Artistically his influences are quite diverse, “Egon Schiele, Bruno Kurz, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Frank Stella (to name a few)”.

Skeir LOGO 2015

Shawn with one of his recent pieces ‘Nelson Mandela’



Art lovers in Toronto can also find Shawn’s  work at  Art Interiors, Dimensions Framing, Arta Gallery, Project Gallery, Denison Gallery, and MJG Gallery. In Los Angeles, he is represented by Fresh Paint and Art Unified.

Right now in his studio, Shawn is working a large series of paintings that are the newest evolution to his ‘Abstract’ series of work. “Many of the techniques and styles that characterize my different bodies of work are being combined whereas in the past I had kept these styles/series isolated from one another” Shawn explains, ” It is a very dynamic and exciting series, and I plan on exhibiting it some time in 2016.”


Skeir Gallery has an upcoming group show called ‘BOLD FORMS‘, “small and affordable works of art”.  The opening reception is Thursday Dec. 10th at Skeir Gallery from 6-9pm … The show runs Dec.10 to 24/15.

Skeir Gallery_Dec. 2015_group-show

Tiffany Huta
Tiffany Huta
Fraser Paterson
Pamela Bohan


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