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Parkdale BIA sent me on a little tour of the hood for the Shop The Neighbourhood Campaign. On November 28th, 2015, Canadians are being  encouraged to make local purchases and take advantage of #shopthehood  deals. First stop: North Standard.


Truth be told, this was not the first time I had been there. My husband and I discovered this store shortly after they opened in 2013 and have frequented it ever since.

Pamela and Francesco, co-owners who celebrated their one year wedding anniversary last month (they got married in their store!), were both working as fashion sales agents for large brands when they met at an event (their booths were side-by-side). After dating for a few months they knew that they wanted to be together forever. They also knew that they both had, “entrepreneurial spirit” and wanted to open a ‘mom n’ pop’ style shop. “We work very hard at making our store very approachable and try to cater to the whole family”, said Pamela,  “There is something for everyone in our shop!”

FullSizeRenderphoto cred: Michael Madjus

North Standard focuses on quality, standard goods for both men, women and kids. In addition to their own North Standard collection, you can also find Hudson’s Bay Heritage line, Pendleton, Penfield, Carhartt, Red Wing, Minnetonka, Hunter, Woolrich and Levi’s – “items that are extremely well-made to have a consistent place in every person’s wardrobe”.

IMG_0547  IMG_0545 IMG_0544 IMG_0543 IMG_0548 IMG_0542  IMG_0540  IMG_0538

“Business is fantastic!” said Pamela, “We are so thankful of the community we’re in and for every person that walks through our door. Our customers are so supportive, but also kind and respectful of our shop. They always bring us inspiration and without them we wouldn’t be where we are today!”

Hottest items right now are their Woodlands Blanket Scarf as well as their Camp Socks and Bear Toques (pictured below). Everybody is getting cozy for the Winter!

IMG_0537 IMG_0536 IMG_0541

Keep your eyes open because North Standard has some big plans coming up for a special sale day towards the end of November… 😉



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