How to Reduce Food Waste

reduce food waste by making smoothies, baby drinking a smoothie from a sippy cup

I hate wasting food. Like HATE it. I’ve eaten some questionable items in an attempt to save them from the green bin. reduce food waste

As a result we now do three things in our house to reduce food waste. This isn’t fool proof and sometimes foods still unfortunately end up in the bin, but we are definitely wasting less.

Meal Planning Reduce Food Waste

In the past I would randomly buy fruits and vegetables during my weekly grocery shop. I always bought too much. This would result in throwing many of said fruit/veggies out when I discovered them weeks later in the bottom of the vegetable drawer. Now I (at least roughly) plan out how many vegetables I will need for the week based on the number of meals we will be eating as a family. To be honest, I still buy too much fruit because we like variety but fruit is easy to use up before it goes bad. reduce food waste

Also, we use an app called Wunderlist. It’s great because my husband and I both have the app and our lists are linked, so we can both see items added and purchased. picture of an app, wunder

Weekly Omelettes (or Quinoa Bowls) Dinners Reduce Food Waste

Every Monday dinner consists of either omelettes or a quinoa bowls. This is a recent transition in our household and it’s working really well. Since the veg left over each week is always varies the dish is always different. I often use my favourite quinoa recipe (and just swap in whatever veggies I have).

quinoa bowlreduce food waste


I have almond milk on hand, and usually some apple juice. Then allllllll the leftover fruits and veggies go into the mix. Sometimes the smoothies taste a bit “healthy” but this is how I justify that 5th cookie I just ate (and no food goes into the green bin). Win-win. reduce food waste

I’d love to hear anything you do in your home to further reduce food waste. Comment below and let me know.

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