Pura Vida

“Pure Life” is the Costa Rican mantra that embodies the country’s laid back tone. This beautiful country is now easily at the top of my list of favourite places that I have visited.

We had a relatively easy flight (minus a few minor heart attacks on my part during turbulence, to which Morris said “weeee this is fun”). Once safely on the ground and in our rental car, we navigated the winding dirt roads for a few hours until we arrived at our first Air BnB house called Nomad, in Nosara.

Morris and I quickly jumped in the pool, while the owner of the house, Gildas, took Brandon on a little tour of the area.


Over the next 7 days we explored Nosara, relaxed on the beaches, jumped in and surfed the waves, sipped coconut juice and smoothies, ate our weight in ice-cream, hiked in the forrests and wandered around villages.




Bucky and Gildas (the owner of Nomad and a trained chef originally from France who cooked us an amazing dinner)



Every evening before dinner we headed to the beach to take in a stunning sunset. There are not many things more beautiful then watching the sun set over the ocean.


After one week we said goodbye to Nosara and drove about a hour south to Playa Samara, where we stayed at El Pequeno Gecko Verde. According to Lonely Planet (our travelling bible anytime we go on vacation), expat residents call Samara, “the black hole of happiness”. The palm tree lined beaches certainly put a smile on my face. In Samara I went to a yoga class, we visited a wildlife refuge, went for a few hikes and set up a hammock between palm trees on the beach.


I think all three of us left a little piece of our hearts in Costa Rica, and I am certain we will return there. AND as a bonus, other then in the wildlife refuge, I didn’t see a single snake!!!


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