Postpartum Exercise with Belly BootCamp

I am constantly trying to get in shape. Since having Rose (and gaining 50lbs) I’ve done some led classes, a kickstart program that I did at home and a push-up challenge with some friends. For the past 9 weeks I’ve been going weekly to Belly Bootcamppostpartum exercise

The Classes postpartum exercise

I attended classes taught by Amy Ringrose and founder Dara Bergeron. Both have contagious energy which make the classes so much fun! postpartum exercise

postpartum exercise class
Amy showing us how its done!

From May through October the classes are run outside. We enjoyed running, strength training and a whole lotta squats in High Park while the babes chilled in their strollers, on a blanket or in a carrier. Rose got some fresh air and snacks while I got in shape! Then starting in November we moved inside to Swansea Town Hall. Rose crawls around the room and I wrangle her in-between exercises! She loves saying hi to all the other babies and stealing their toys.

a mom lifting up her baby during a postpartum exercise class
My friend Anna and her little guy
Rose working on her squat form

The classes are a perfect mix of cardio and strength training. I didn’t find them overwhelmingly difficult and I definitely felt the results! My legs were sore after each class. Its also such a nice way to meet other moms in the neighbourhood.

Rose at the Halloween Class

38 year old mom stretching legs balancing on a stroller after a bootcamp exercise class using natural deodorant

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