Pets before Kids – Guest Post by Anna Martin

Many of us had a pet before having kids. I have a cat and let me tell you before kids I was obsessed with that thing. My Facebook and Instagram were filled with photos of my cat…  my cat this, my cat that.  I would talk to my co-workers about my cat as if he were my child and I thought it was legitimately comparable. pets before kids pets before kids

Clearly I didn’t have kids at this point.  pets before kids

But my love and obsession was real, I didn’t know of any other love. Then I had kids and it’s safe to say everything changed.  Don’t get me wrong I still love him, but it could never-ever compare to the love I have for my kids.  

Now my cat annoys me pets before kids

What I once found cute I now find annoying. When he meows in the evening just because he’s bored and wants to wake the kids…annoying. He’s saying, “I’m here, I’m awake, come pet me… cause if not I’m already on my way into your kid’s room” (evil cat laugh)

I remember (pre-kids) when we would go away for the weekend. I would make my sister stay with my cat at my house because I was afraid he would be lonely. Now he’s lucky if I leave enough food and water for him. Don’t worry, clearly I do cause he’s still walking around (haha)

Same scenario with my sister’s dog. Before kids I would get her to put me on speaker so I could talk to her dog and call his name so he would get excited! Now I actually forget that she has a dog until I’m physically at her house. It’s hard to miss a 90 lbs dog! But he’s wonderful with the kids.

But I still love him…

Even though I sometimes I want to scream when my cat is annoying, every night he finds his way into our bed to snuggle and it’s still pretty cute (minus the fur). I still love my cat and he’s still as much a part of our family as ever.  However, I can’t say he makes it on social media as often as he use to, and when he does… well that might not be intentional! 

 pets before kids

By Anna Martin

Anna is a photographer in Toronto. See the photoshoot she did for our family here! 

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