Thursday Top Three- Parent and Child Yoga Poses

I completed my yoga teacher training when I was pregnant with Morris. Shortly after a friend asked me if I knew of any parent/child classes in the neighbourhood. I didn’t. So I rented a space and made a flyer. I ran a 9 week class for parents and kids (ages 6-10). Then infertility took over my life and I haven’t done it since (except with Morris for fun). We also like to meditate and do other activities that help us relax. Parent and Child Yoga

Here are my Top Three Parent and Child Yoga Poses


Sit facing each other with legs wide (put yours on the outside). Hold hands and pull each other slowly back and forth, keeping backs straight. You will both feel a stretch in the back of your legs. *Parent and Child Yoga

“Cat & Cow”

Face each other on your hands and knees (line up shoulders over wrists, hips over knees). First arch your back and look at each other, smile and breathe (in and out through your nose). Then push your backs up to the sky and release your heads down. Again breathe. Repeat slowly moving back and forth. Parent and Child Yoga

parent and child yoga pose, cat and cow pose facing each other

“Sunbathing on a Rock”

Parent in child’s pose (sit on your heels and bend forward resting your chest on your lap, arms in front). Have your child lay on their back, on your back. This opens your child’s chest while lengthening your lower back. Relax and breath (again through your nose)

light skinned mother in childs pose with her 4 year old laying on her back, on a towel on the sand on a beach

There are many more where this came from so maybe I’ll do another post with additional poses at some point. Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in reading more.

*I am well aware that my posture is less than ideal in these poses… maybe google each pose to see proper form- I am a bit out of practice!

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