Home Tour

We recently listed and rented our house with Airbnb and somehow we qualified for professional photographs. I thought I’d take advantage of having great photos of our super clean and tidy house to post a little home tour.

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View walking in the front door. The hallway has photos that we purchased from the Toronto archives of our neighbourhood around the turn of the century.   Straight ahead is the kitchen and to the left the living and dining rooms.
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Living Room- the weird split wall on the left is because before we bought the house the fireplace was permanently closed up. I did a family photo wall in an attempt to make it less obvious (not sure I succeeded) To offset the black and white we bought two amazing and colourful pieces from Skeir Gallery

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Big Top Hip Hop- Oaks ‘n Acorns

Oaks ‘n Acorns has a variety of classes for all ages (from babies to 10 year olds) . Morris tried the “Big Top Hip Hop” class for kids aged 2.5-4. It was the first class he had attended without my husband or I in the room with him. I love that at this age (2.5 to 4 years) Oaks ‘n Acorns offers the opportunity for an independent class. Morris was a little reluctant, but since his cousin was with him he agreed to go in.

Parents sit outside the room and can either watch through a window or sit and relax at the tables/cafe. My sister and I did a bit of both. Part way through the class Morris saw me through the window and the tears started flowing. One of the sweet instructors gave him a big hug and then invited me to come into the room. After a few cuddles, Morris agreed to finish the class. Afterwards he said how much fun he had. He is now signed him up for the 12 week spring session and has since been to two classes, with no tears! IMG_2572 Read more…

Bunny Cake

In 1988 my mom found a recipe for a bunny cake, she made it, we decorated it, we took photos, and we have done the same every year since.



•Heat oven and prepare two 9 inch round baking pans as directed on the cakebox. Prepare cake batter as directed on package. Divide batter evenly between the prepared pans. Bake and cool cake as directed on package.

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The Expansion of My Body and Yoga Practice in Pregnancy

This is an article I wrote for Parvati Magazine when I was pregnant with Morris. 

Soon after I found out I was pregnant, my doctor advised me not to play volleyball as the contact could be dangerous and to stop running because I have exercise induced asthma. I have always led an active lifestyle and was initially discouraged about having to discontinue activities that I love. Thankfully she did not tell me to stop practicing yoga and instead encouraged it as ‘an excellent form of exercise during pregnancy’.

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Gentle Spirit Kind Heart

I ‘met’ Taylor on instagram about 6 months ago and we started chatting through social media.  I was instantly drawn to her sweet nature. As we got to know each other better and I learned about her life, I began to admire her.  Taylor recently graduated with a Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of North Texas.  She is a single mom to her adorable son Jones and has her own Etsy shop: TayloredMade.  Taylor has worked hard to get where she is today. She is a recovering drug addict who has been sober for 8 years this coming April. After an almost fatal accidental overdose that her family was told she likely wouldn’t survive, she stopped using drugs. “I am thankful for God who was capable of proving the doctors wrong” she wrote me. She and Jones’s biological father (her first and only serious boyfriend) split shortly before she found out she was pregnant due to his own ongoing battle with addiction and mental health issues. “I have a special place in my heart for anyone who has been affected by the disease and would love to find a way to help others going through similar situations”. She feels that she has been given more grace then she deserves (I disagree) and is thankful for each and every second that she gets to spend with her boy.

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All The Right Ingredients

This is a guest post written by my good friend and work colleague Jasmine Gable about her experience with Postpartum Psychosis.

Just over 17 months ago I became a mother. I had a planned c-section so I knew the exact day my little one was arriving and my husband had arranged to take a month off work. I was looking forward to spending this time getting to know our daughter and adjusting to parenthood. Unfortunately fate had a different idea for those first few weeks. You see I have bi-polar, an illness where one’s mood can be extremely high (mania), or extremely low (depression). Some people with bi-polar can experience psychotic symptoms.

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photo by: Jennifer Klementti

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The Honest Leaf

A warm cup on a cold day or a homebrewed iced-tea in the summer, those who know me know I love my tea, especially since I quit drinking coffee.  Lately I had been noticing that my go-to tea company has been adding artificial flavours and I wanted something with natural and if possible organic ingredients. Thankfully I stumbled across The Honest Leaf.  I ordered some teas and haven’t looked back. The Honest Leaf is a line of loose leaf wellness teas which were created to help nourish and support your mind and body.

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Pura Vida

“Pure Life” is the Costa Rican mantra that embodies the country’s laid back tone. This beautiful country is now easily at the top of my list of favourite places that I have visited.

We had a relatively easy flight (minus a few minor heart attacks on my part during turbulence, to which Morris said “weeee this is fun”). Once safely on the ground and in our rental car, we navigated the winding dirt roads for a few hours until we arrived at our first Air BnB house called Nomad, in Nosara.

Morris and I quickly jumped in the pool, while the owner of the house, Gildas, took Brandon on a little tour of the area.

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