Rutabaga French Fries- Recipe

Why health conscious restaurants aren’t serving rutabaga french fries is beyond me. Since discovering them a couple of months ago my husband and I eat them twice a week. Nutritionally they have some obvious benefits compared to white and sweet potatoes.  Also, they are delicious and easy to make. They pair well with just about anything, we eat them with burgers, steak, chicken and fish. Most recently we discovered Parkdale Sausage Co. at our local farmers market and had our ‘ruta-fries’ with their ‘bangers’. Erica Schott Rutabaga French Fries

Morris dips them in ketchup, I like them in a mixture of mayonnaise and hot sauce, my husband eats them plain.  If you’re looking for a summer salad to add to the mix try Watermelon Cucumber Feta Salad or Beet SaladErica Schott Rutabaga French Fries

a baking sheet with cooked Rutabaga French Fries on it by Erica Schott

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Sleep Training- A need for a more gentle approach

I sleep trained Morris when he was 5 months old by letting him cry and ssshhhh’ing him. He started sleeping 12 hours a night after 3 nights, prior to that he woke hourly.  I felt like an expert on sleep training. I preached how easy sleep training was (apart from listening to the crying) to anyone who would listen. Well guess who just threw in the towel on that method of sleep training? (points finger at self)

baby girl smiling, laying in a dockatot looking to the side (can only see half of her face) wearing a sleep sack having just woke up after failed sleep training attempt
Rose in her Nested Bean Sleep Sack (it has a gentle weight on the chest to simulate a parents touch)

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Mom Guilt with a second child

Mom guilt is real and it is constant, at least in my experience. I feel guilty about everything. For not giving my son, Morris, ALL organic food, for getting mad when I should have been more patient, for being too lenient, for letting him have too much screen time, for not playing with him enough, for not allowing him to be bored, for him being bored and so on… it’s exhausting. For years I felt guilty about not being able to give Morris a sibling. Most recently my mom guilt revolves around dividing my time and attention between my two babes equally.

photo of a light skiinned mother sitting on a blanket on grass with a 4 year old boy and a 5 month of baby on her lap
photo by Little Moments Photography

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Morris’s Cactus-Inspired Bedroom

It’s a good thing Morris thinks cactus’s are “pretty cool” because his bedroom may have a few of them in it. The room is designed around this amazing rug from Lorena Canals. I added a few pieces from a couple of local artists who I adore (a print and a pillow from Paula Lukey and prints and play-tent from Whimsy & Kind), some simple IKEA furniture and repainted an old bookshelf and dresser that I already had.

kids bedroom with black rug with white cactus's on it, a kids play-tent, and a shelf with three real cactus

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Its hard as a mother not to obsess over baby development.  I’m trying to be a bit more relaxed this time around and let Rose ‘meet her milestones’ in her own time. That being said, it’s so much fun to watch her learn new “tricks”; smile, giggle (my all time favourite), grab toys, roll over etc. I was amazed at how quickly she started to track objects above her and started using a play gym while she relaxed on her back in her Dockatot. Read more…

My new body… for now.. and my weight loss plans

I gained 50 lbs during my pregnancy with Rose. Since she weighed a whopping 6.2 lbs at birth, I was still quite a bit larger after she was born than I am used to. And so my weight loss journey begins. Over the past few months I’ve shed about 20 lbs, mainly thanks to breastfeeding. But no thanks to Nutella I haven’t been able to lose anymore.

Shop Pink Blush

My current uniform is tights and whatever lose fitting top/sweater will cover my butt. I’d love some new clothes, but refuse to spend too much money on outfits that (I hope) will not fit me for too much longer. I selected a few pieces from Shop Pink Blush that I can wear now AND continue to wear once I shed the extra pounds. These clothes are reasonably priced, soft, cozy, and cute.

a smiling light skinned woman sitting on a couch wearing black tights and a white and black long cardigan

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Sleep Training 101

Up until Morris was 5 months old he was a terrible sleeper. He would wake hourly, for no apparent reason, and would need to be rocked/nursed/walked around the house until he fell back asleep (I wish I had had a dockatot). I was exhausted and frustrated. I did a bunch of reading and was given some sleep training info from a friend who had done it successfully.  We desperately needed our evenings back as a couple and our sleep back at night.  And so the day Morris turned 5 months this is what we did to sleep train him.  (*Disclaimer: I am NOT a sleep coach, this is just worked for us… please see below for a recommendation of a gentle sleep coach if my method doesn’t work for you)

a close up photo of a two hour old fair skinned baby boy sucking his thumb, when he's older his mother would sleep train him

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