New Year’s Resolutions – Dreams vs Reality

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We’re 1 week into the new year and I’ve already realized that my resolutions are a total pipe dream. I like to make lofty goals for myself, “reach for the stars” right? But usually I end up feeling frustrated and disappointed. So, I’m going to be a bit more realistic. Below are my dream goals (of which I will attempt to accomplish some.. but likely not all) and then below those, are my ‘reality’ goals. New Year’s Resolutions

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Dreams New Year’s Resolutions

I’m still going to write these down, because maybe some of them will come to fruition. At least this way I’ve put them out into the universe.

  1. Shower alone. Haha I laugh out loud even as I write this. In one week I’ve managed this once (and Morris came into the bathroom twice to ask me questions so I’m not even sure that counts).
  2. Exercise “regularly”. I’m not entirely sure what I mean by this. Multiple times a week? At home, in a gym, go to yoga? Do I count chasing Rose around the house and not sitting down unless she’s napping as exercise?
  3. Be a kinder and more patient mother and wife. I think I did well with this one for about 1/2 a day. I HATE yelling, but after I ask Morris (or my husband – if you know him you know he’s a GREAT guy, but listening is not his strong point) to do the same thing 5 times I can feel my patience getting thin and hear my voice getting louder.
  4. De-clutter the entire house. This is just an on-going goal of mine. I am constantly going through closets and drawers, reading about minimalism and striving for it.
  5. Journal Daily. I have had a journal off and on since I was 6. They’re hilarious to go back and read now. In my adult life I’ve been terrible at keeping a consistent journal. Thankfully this blog acts are one in part, but it would be nice to keep a paper journal again. Very unlikely that it will ever be daily- weekly maybe if I’m lucky. New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions mother and 4 year old son on skiis New Year's Resolutions father with two young children in the snow

Reality New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Have a fun year with my friends and family. Make memories, get outside often, go on holidays and say yes to things that are outside my comfort zone.
  2. Shower Alone…. once a week. Fingers crossed. New Year’s Resolutions


One comment on “New Year’s Resolutions – Dreams vs Reality

  1. I think we’re all guilty of setting those over the top goals for ourselves and agree that sometimes the most achievable goals are also the most enjoyable! Ps… yes to showering alone! Lol

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