Sensitive Aloe Natural Face Care with The Green Beaver Company

the green beaver company face care line

Since Rose was born my skin has been so bad that my 14 year old self would feel sorry for me. My face is sensitive and prone to breakouts and nothing I have tried has helped. Until now. I started using The Green Beaver Company Sensitive Skin Aloe Face Line. It is making a world of difference. Its no secret I LOVE this company, and yet somehow I keep being amazed at how well their products workNatural Face Care

My Regime Natural Face Care

*I came up with this regime myself, googling how often to use exfoliant vs cleaner. Obviously feel free to adapt this as you see fit.

I get that creating a new routine isn’t easy, but I challenge you to try this out. It feels great to take care of your skin. Also, as a mom it’s a fairly simple self-care technique that requires very little time.

I love that this line is made with certified organic aloe, (also it’s vegan, gluten free and biodegradable). Natural Face Care

The Green Beaver Company products are taking over in our home, for good reason; they work, smell amazing and are all-natural. Everything I’ve tried I love and will continue to buy. (Read about my experience with their Castile Soap and their Natural Deodorant).




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