My Husband – A Follow-up

When I wrote a short (and what I thought was funny) story about my husband last month I did not expect the reaction it received. (Click here to read) I thought it would get a few giggles and I would get a few texts from some mom friends telling me they can relate. What I didn’t expect was to get as many comments as I did. Most telling me relatable stories, some commiserating with Brandon about forgetting his golf glove. Also comments stating that my post negatively reinforces the idea that men are incompetent and that ladies should not allow their husbands to get away with not helping. I was also told that it was ‘mean’ and that a few of my friends husbands asked if they feel the same way. (I didn’t think many men read my blog- so thanks!).* gender roles

Asked and Answered gender roles

Here are answers to some of the questions I was asked after the post.

Yes Brandon read the post ahead of time (and edited it as he does with many of my posts).

Yes he laughed.

Do I feel that our household roles are divided equally? Sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I do more and sometimes I feel like he does. Currently I am at home on Maternity Leave, so as expected I am doing most of the cooking, cleaning and child rearing activities because 1) I obsessively clean and 2) I chose to have Morris home with me this summer before he starts school to spend time with him and  save some money. gender roles

and not that anyone asked, but in case you were wondering…

light skinned father with his 7 month old daughter gender roles

Brandon is a wonderful husband and father. Does he pack things when we go out for the day? Nope. Does he spend hours playing with Morris in the backyard creating elaborate mini-golf courses? Does he cuddle Rose and does she give him the BIGGEST smiles I’ve ever seen from her? YEP! husband  husband 

*I really value every single comment on my blog posts, either here or on social media. So please continue to comment; praise or criticism.

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