Minimalist Fall Decor

white ceramic pumpkin and a larger white ceramic pumpkin with dawn of the dead skull in the middle

Last week I made a Fall Wreath and it got me in the decorating mood. As a minimalist (wannabe) I usually tend to avoid doing much seasonal decorating. However, I found some amazing monochrome items at HomeSense which add a touch of fall (and Halloween) to our home without adding clutter.  Home Sense and IKEA have become my go-to spots for decor (check out some awesome stuff I got for Morris’s Room and Rose’s Room). minimalist fall decor

Simple Autumn Pieces minimalist fall decor

Modern Thanksgiving cocktail napkins, monochrome leaf dish towels and a sweet cinnamony smelling ceramic pumpkin give a nod to the season (and didn’t cost much).

accomplish minimalist fall decor with these wishbone cocktail napkins
Thanksgiving cocktail napkins $4.99 at Home Sense
monochrome dish towels with leaves add a touch of minimalist fall decor
Set of two leaf dish towels $8.99 at Home Sense
Ceramic pumpkin with cinnamon spice potpourri $7.99 at Home Sense (Terrarium from Crown Flora) for minimalist fall decor

Statement Piece minimalist fall decor

I LOVE this Day of the Dead pumpkin. It’s such a great statement piece and has a LED light in it so we will put it on the porch for Halloween.

dawn of the dead skull in a ceramic pumpkin with LED light
Skull pumpkin with LED light $19.99 at Home Sense

Wire Basket

Not a fall decor piece exactly, but I’m using it to house my cozy blankets (and blanket scarf). I love wire baskets because you can’t hide clutter in them like you can with other baskets and bins (although for toys I prefer bins with lids that hide the collection). minimalist fall decor

wire basket with blanket hanging out minamalist fall decor
Wire basket $19.99 at Home Sense, Blanket from IKEA – $14.99

Thats it, simple and minimal, just how I like it. You can find a full tour of our home here. 


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