Minimalism with Green Beaver Castile Soap

baby having sink bath with castile soap

I am a minimalist wannabe. Clutter makes me anxious. I am constantly cleaning and organizing in hopes of only keeping items that we ‘need’ or that make us happy. I have also been striving to replace chemically-laden products throughout our home with natural products. Both of these ventures are works in progress. castile soap

When The Green Beaver Company contacted me to work with them and told me about their Castile Soap, a very versatile natural soap that can be used for many many purposes, the minimalist/naturalist in me jumped at the opportunity. One bottle to replace 10? All natural ingredients? Sounds good to me. castile soap

Household Uses: castile soap

Dishes, Laundry, Mopping, All-purpose Cleaning, Windows, Toilets, Fruit and Veggie Rinse and Plant Spray castile soap

I used the Castile soap for spot cleaning the boys baseball caps and in the washing machine. Although I’ve been using natural detergents for a few years now, I always keep a bottle of TIDE on hand. I have yet to find a natural soap that leaves some clothing (workout gear for example) smelling fresh. The Green Beaver Company suggests putting vinegar into the rinse cycle after using the Castile soap, but I couldn’t figure out how to pause my machine to put it in and found it wasn’t necessary. The clothes smelled wonderful! It also worked very well as a spot cleaner.

Also, my wood and porcelain tile floors look and smell great and my toilets and windows are sparkling.

green beaver castille soap laundry tips


Body Uses:

Body and Face Wash, Shaving, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Foot-bath, Clearing Congestion

Earlier this summer I switched to natural shampoos/conditioners. My hair is still getting used to this and to be honest doesn’t feel as silky smooth as it does when I use products with less purity in the ingredients. But I’ve heard some natural products take some getting used to. I loved the smell of my hair after using the Castile soap and will continue to use it. It also worked quite well for shaving and was divine in a foot-bath. Thankfully I didn’t have a bad summer cold, so was unable to test out the soap for clearing congestion. castile soap

For years now I have been using natural products for my face and body so this was an easy transition. I usually use oil on my face (an olive/avocado oil mixture that I make) but always need soap on my eyes so that my mascara stays put. I loved the Castile soap for this and for body wash.

As toothpaste- it worked well, and yes it tasted like soap. But it was not as strong a soapy taste as I had anticipated. However, Green Beaver also has a minty toothpaste, so I’ll likely opt for that in the future.

 baby in a sink bath reaching for castile soap on the counter

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Green Beaver Company. In exchange for this post, I have received perks in the form of products and/or compensation. As always all opinions on this blog are my own.

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