How I met my Mom friends

As much as I love my kids (and my husband) I truly would not be able to function without my “mom friends”. I need my girls to vent to, laugh with and get advice from. When I moved into my neighbourhood 4 years ago, 1 month before my first Maternity Leave, I had one friend in the area: my sister.

We spent basically everyday together for the first 6 months of Morris’s life. Then she went back to work.

Maternity leave with a sweet fresh babe is wonderful, but it can also be very isolating and lonely. Here’s how I met my mom friends-and I really think you can never have enough, I’m always trying to find more. mom friends

My mom group mom friends

When my sister returned to work after her first Maternity leave I took care of my 1 year old niece 4 days a week. I knew it would be much more challenging for me to get out with the two kids. So one day at a library group we had been regularly attending I passed around a piece of paper.  I told everyone I was starting a weekly mom/baby meet-up at my house and asked them to give me their email address if they wanted to join. About 8 ladies showed up with their little ones. I continued the weekly group until I went back to work, I still see 5 of those ladies regularly.

6 light skinned mom friends with their 1 year olds sitting on their lapsmom friends

Our “book” club (aka wine club) mom friends

One of my friends from the mom group emailed a bunch of neighbourhood moms to start a book club. We all thought it was a great idea. I think maybe 3 of us read the book which we “discussed” for about 30 seconds before the conversation diverted. We quickly decided to have a wine club instead, in which we get together snack and drink wine! ha!  The fun thing with this group is that everyone invited a friend or two over time and our group has grown. Since we all live in the neighbourhood we hang out weekly with our kids at our local farmers market, meet up at the parks, and have random last minute get togethers. We have a “WhatsApp” group chat going so that anytime anyone is doing something fun and wants some friends and kiddos to tag along, they let the group know what they’re up to. The chat is also great for getting parenting advice! mom friends

*One thing I realized when writing this post is that I take MANY many photos of my kids, and nearly none of my friends! mom friends

3 light skinned moms with their kids smiling at the camera
My friends Natty and Karen

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