Thursday Top Three – Favourite Laundry Tips

Ok, not exciting I know. Except if you are someone who does laundry ALL.THE.TIME. like me. Then, when you learn some helpful laundry tips/tricks, you get excited and want to share them with the world. Or at least with whoever reads this blog. (Mom and Dad?) laundry tips

Green Beaver Castile Soap Laundry Tips

All Natural, removes stains AND smells AMAZING. Not sure what else you need from a laundry detergent? Oh but this one also doubles as dish soap, cleaner, shampoo, body soap and toothpaste (if you are so inclined). It has various other uses as well (stay tuned for a full review coming soon).

green beaver castille soap laundry tips


I hate cleaning linen. I mean, I detest doing laundry as a whole, but bedding is the absolute worst. However, I love my bed to look, feel and smell clean. I love it to look wrinkle free like it hasn’t been slept in (I think I am more Type A then I let myself believe). My trick is to use my steamer in between washes. The steamer kills bacteria and viruses, deodorizes and sanitizes naturally with the heat and moisture.

The California Roll

My sister-in-law recently told me about this, “super easy” way to put on a duvet cover. To be honest I didn’t entirely believe that it could be as simple as she described. It is, and it makes me very happy. Turn the duvet cover inside out. Lay the duvet on top, lining up the corners. Start at one side and roll the duvet and the cover up like a carpet roll. Pull the end of the duvet cover over the end of the duvet and zip it up. Unroll.. Voila, done!

lady doing a duvet california roll laundry tips

Check out this Youtube video (not mine) to see how easy!

Thats all. PLEASE leave any helpful tips and tricks for laundry in the comments!


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