My husband – a short story

On a recent drive to my sons gymnastics class my husband gasped, a look of terror on his face. My husb


“What?!” I asked,  a wave of panic coming over me. kids, parenting, mom life, dad life, family, children, Erica Schott

“I forgot my golf glove!” he stated… (Insert eye roll here)

On this particular day we weren’t sure of our plans beyond Morris’s gymnastics. We thought we would either go for a swim or go mini-golfing and to the driving range. My husband was responsible for bringing 4 things for the day. Himself (slow clap- he managed to get dressed and into the car on his own), his wallet, cell phone and apparently his golf glove.  I on the other hand had packed my entire checklist (sunscreen, hats, snacks, water, diapers, wipes, extra clothes, a baby blanket, the carrier, bathing suits, towels, water wings, and baby toys).

I “jokingly” tell my husband that in my next life, I’d like to come back as him.

Please share in the comments any funny stories you have about your husbands. I think this may become a blog series 😉

, kids, parenting, mom life, dad life, family, children, Erica Schott


10 comments on “My husband – a short story

  1. Oh my goodness Erica, I can totally relate! I’ve actually said those same words to my hubby: in my next life, I want to come back as you!

  2. Story of my life!! We just finished a week camping up North…camping sucks as a mom!!
    I think I tell my husband that I want to come back as a man, especially him, because boy he’s living the life!

    1. haha thanks so much for reading and commenting! Sounds like we’re having the same experience!

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