Thursday Top Three – How to Pamper Yourself Naturally

As a mom I often find it difficult to grab a quick shower on my own let alone the time to go get a massage, facial, body treatment, etc. I’ve sourced out some natural products which when used either in combination or on their own can make you feel like you just went to a spa. Pamper Yourself Naturally

Baby Be Mine  – Coconut Bath* Pamper Yourself Naturally

Using only organic and natural ingredients Baby Be Mine Coconut Bath is safe for everyone (babies and pregnant ladies included). This product is so luxurious. Despite not being a “bath person” I find myself skipping my nightly netflix in order to have a soak after the kids are in bed. I sent Suzanne (owner/founder who is a mother of 3 and a childbirth educator) a message telling her that Coconut Bath is what I imagine heaven to smell like.  If you enjoy baths you NEED this in your life.

Pamper Yourself Naturally with baby be mine coconut bath coconut bath with lavender and wood spoon Pamper Yourself Naturally

Joe Scrub – Face and Body Masks*

Also 100% natural, the Natural Joe body and face masks leave my face feeling soft and smooth. I love all 3 of the masks (Coffee, Green Tea, and Activated Charcol) but the Matcha Green Tea mask was my favourite.

Pamper Yourself Naturally with Natural Joe face masklight skinned woman sitting at a dinging room table with a coffee face mask on drinking coffee and smilingPamper Yourself Naturally

With each mask my skin felt moisturized -without feeling greasy. As someone with notoriously dry skin, these masks have been working wonders for me. The ingredients are exfoliating, nourishing, hydrating, and they smell so good! Read more about all the the benefits of the ingredients here. My only tip would be to apply the mask over the sink because I dropped some on the floor while applying it, once I realized this I was able to salvage any that fell into the sink 🙂

Beauty Counter – Body Butter Pamper Yourself Naturally

Again, all natural, and with a citrus mimosa scent! I have tried many many creams and body butters in the past. I have a few favourite and this one is currently topping my list. Every time I put it on I comment out loud that I LOVE the smell. I did a test and put it on one leg. A  few hours later I could tell a noticeable difference in the moisture of that leg compared to the other. Pa

mper Yourself Naturally

My friend Nicole is VERY knowledgable (and passionate) about the entire Beauty Counter line. Connect with her if you are looking for anything or would like to learn more about the products.

 Pamper Yourself Naturally

*Please note: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received free products for review purposes. As always the opinions are completely my own based on my experience. Pamper Yourself Naturally

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