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We recently listed and rented our house with Airbnb and somehow we qualified for professional photographs. I thought I’d take advantage of having great photos of our super clean and tidy house to post a little home tour.

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View walking in the front door. The hallway has photos that we purchased from the Toronto archives of our neighbourhood around the turn of the century.   Straight ahead is the kitchen and to the left the living and dining rooms.
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Living Room- the weird split wall on the left is because before we bought the house the fireplace was permanently closed up. I did a family photo wall in an attempt to make it less obvious (not sure I succeeded) To offset the black and white we bought two amazing and colourful pieces from Skeir Gallery

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I’m completely in love with our dining room table which we purchased from Forever Interiors in our neighbourhood
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My husband designed our kitchen which is (mostly) from Ikea. I’d really like to replace our stools, but can’t find anything we can agree on, feel free to offer suggestions!

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Moving upstairs…

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Our small and cozy master bedroom
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My husband and I met through friends at a music festival in 2003, our brother-in-law bought this concert t-shirt there and gave it to us. Last year my husband had it framed for me for Christmas
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Our equally small and cozy guest room, furnished with my Nana’s antique bedroom set
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Morris’s room (which really needs to be upgraded into a toddler room)
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Our super retro (and not in a cool way) upstairs bathroom which has NO SHOWER! (we have been showering in the basement for 3 years because we keep finding other more affordable projects)


Jumping all the way down to our basement…

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We decided when we moved in that we didn’t want TV too accessible in our house (don’t get me wrong I instead watch netflix on my computer in the kitchen) so our only TV in the house is in the basement (my husband also has a “clubhouse” which we call the coop (because the previous owner used it as a pigeon coop) which has another TV)
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The basement den is also Morris’s playroom
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By far my least favourite room in the house is the brown on brown on brown basement washroom. The tiles on the floors have water marks to intentionally make them always look wet (WHY?!?!)

Finally our outdoor space…

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FullSizeRender 54
Deck and backyard (the coop is through that white door on the side of the garage)
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And thats it! Thanks for visiting 🙂

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