Thursday Top Three- Snacks to feed your Gluten Free Friends

I’ve been eating gluten free for over 10 years (not by choice). I know how annoying it is to have me over, even for wine/appys because gluten is hidden in many, many foods.┬áBut feeding me, and your other gluten free friends, is actually pretty easy. Here are my favourite simple GF appetizers that you can find in any grocery store.*

Gluten Free Crackers and Cheese

There are many GF crackers- rice crackers, Mary’s crackers and Breton GF are my favourite. All cheese is safe (except Blue cheese- something about the mould being grown on bread).

flat lay of gluten free crackers and cheese (rice crackers, mary's crackers, and breton gluten free crackers)

Veggies and Hummus

All veggies are GF- so a big ole plate of carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, etc to dip in hummus (which is chickpea based) is perfect!

flat lay of a gluten free snack plate with cucumber, carrots and cherry tomatoes with a container of hummus beside it

Nachos and Salsa

Nacho chips are made from corn- which is gluten free. I’d still check for a GF label to be sure there are no traces (for those bothered by trace amounts). Same with Salsa.

flat lay of a gluten free snack, corn chips and salsa

*If you’re not sure if something has gluten in it, ask your friend- I am personally never offended if someone checks in with me and would much rather that than get sick later.


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