Fragola Organic Baby Food Delivery to the Rescue

baby with fragola organic baby food delivery

We have had an eventful couple of weeks in our house. First Morris needed staples in his head when he tripped at a birthday party. Then a week later, jealous of her brothers trip to the emergency room, Rose ended up there as well with Croup.  Both kids are currently sick, and we are all (especially me) in need of more sleep. During this time I connected with Fragola. We received a meal plan box with 12 ready-made meals for Rose, all made with organic ingredients (no sugars, salts, artificial flavours or preservatives are added to any of the food). What a lifesaver. organic baby food delivery

Fragola Baby Food organic baby food delivery

I’m not sure if Rose or I was happier with this food delivery. It was a welcome break from making her meals. With each bite she said “mmmmmm”- I’m actually slightly insulted because the food I make her is never received with such enthusiasm. organic baby food delivery

baby with fragola organic baby food delivery

Another reason I loved this food/service was that it broadened Rose’s pallet. I tend to buy the same fruits/veggies on repeat because I know what she likes. It took me 3 attempts to get her to eat the “Pears N Porridge” meal. It contains bananas which she has never liked, but after offering it a third time she gobbled almost the entire container!

organic baby food delivery fragola baby with fragola organic baby food delivery

Fragola offers gift certificates (a PERFECT gift for new parents). Their food is available in 3 different textures (very pureed, chunkier and chunkiest). For Rose I requested a mixture of the chunkier and chunkiest meals because she enjoys feeding herself most of the time but sometimes prefers for be spoon-fed (especially when she isn’t feeling well). Rose and I were both very happy with the food. (I tested it also and snuck a few extra bites for myself). I highly recommend this service and will continue to for anyone I know with a babe ready to start solids.

Disclosure: In exchange for this post, I have received perks in the form of products. As always all opinions on this blog are my own.

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