Favourite Family Games

mom and 4 year old playing a favourite family game candyland

This winter has been cold…. like really really cold. And it’s only mid January! We try to get outside as often as possible, but in this deep freeze we’ve had to find indoor activities that keep us occupied too. Here are our current favourite family board and card games. favourite family games

Sleeping Queens favourite family games

(8+ years, 2-5 players)

Upon frequent request from Morris I’ve played this game upwards of 200 times since Christmas and I still like it. Although its meant for ages 8 years and up, Morris has been playing it since he was 4, LOVES it and often beats me. As much as I’d like to believe my kid is a genius, I actually just think that kids younger than 8 can easily grasp this game. “Wake up” (collect) 4 or 5 queens (depending on the number of players) to win. You can steal and put other players queens back to sleep. The game helps with basic addition as well because you can discard 3 or more number cards by making an addition equation. favourite family games

Candy Land favourite family games

(3+ years, 2-4 players)

Morris loves it, I do not. It’s very basic, total luck. Spin the spinner and move around the board- first one to the end wins.


(7+ years, 2-4 players)

Play various shaped pieces on a board in turn. The pieces must touch at least one corner of a previously played piece. Win the game by having the least number of pieces left over. Morris is ok at this game (with a bit of verbal prompting a times). I still always win, but he seems to like the challenge.

4 year old boy playing his favourite board and card game blokus


(6+ 2-4 players)

Morris got this game for his 4th birthday. We played it a few times but he was frustrated because I kept winning by a landslide. We recently pulled it out again (now that he’s 4 and a 1/2 as he loudly tells anyone who will listen) and it’s become a favourite.

The object of the game is to make lines with tiles (either all one colour or all one shape). You score points every time you play a tile. Morris loves the instant gratification of hearing his score each turn. You win the game by having the most points when there are no tiles left to play.

kids playing their favourite board and card games quirkle

Other games we play often: UNO, Crazy 8s, War, Go Fish, Connect 4.

Games we’ve played and don’t love: Pop the Pig, Pengoloo

We are always on the lookout for new games, so please let me know any you recommend!


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