A Fall Family Photoshoot with Itsy Bitsy Baby Photography

parents standing behind baby girl and 4 year old boy playing in the leaves

Itsy Bitsy Baby Photography Fall Family Photoshoot

When my friend Anna, owner and photographer at Itsy Bitsy Baby Photography, suggested we do a fall family photoshoot, I jumped at the opportunity! 

She recommended taking photos in High Park (and knew a great secluded path with some gorgeous backdrops). Anna helped with wardrobe suggestions in advance. She provided us with photos to give us ideas of clothing colour combinations. This was REALLY helpful. We wanted the look to be cohesive, without being matchy-matchy.

mom holding 10 month of girl in the air, dad stadning behind with 4 year old son on his shouldersfall family photoshoot

The session went as smoothly as it could with two little ones and a husband who isn’t the biggest fan of photoshoots. Anna (being a mother of two herself) was super understanding when Rose had a total hanger meltdown. She even took Morris for a hike in the woods while Rose had some snacks.

mom and dad standing smiling at each other, 4 years old son holding moms legs and 10 month old daughter on dads shouldersmom and dad standing touching noses, 4 year old son holding moms legs, and 10 month old daughter on dads shoulders

Throughout the session Anna set us up in various poses. She fixed my hair and told me to relax my face when my smile started looking Chandler like.

dad with 4 year old son on his shoulders mom kissing 4 year old son standing on a tress stump in a fall family photoshoot

Anna offers various photography packages and she has gift certificates (think Christmas presents)! She takes gorgeous baby bump pics and is a master at newborn photos.

Itsy Bitsy Baby Photography link here.

Itsy Bitsy on Instagram here.

*please note: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received free services for review purposes. As always the opinions are completely my own based on my own experience.

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