Contrast Living

When Contrast Living opened its doors in Parkdale in April 2015 I was ecstatic, finally a super fun (affordable) shop that I can rely on when I need something little for a family or friends’ birthday. When I first went into the store I noticed right away that it was so much more than a cute little gift shop. They also sell vintage/retro furniture and lighting as well as some very cool handmade one-of-a-kind stools.


The owners, Hazel and Paul, a lovely friendly couple, settled in Canada within the last 10 years. With a background in fashion and retail respectively (which they feel compliment each other) they both brought experience and interest in home design and furniture to their store.

“The name Contrast Living is meant to describe the contrast (or conflict) and then the blending of different ideas and views when people come together” says Hazel, “We all have different opinions, beliefs, customs, and habits… contrast or conflict is a natural thing that happens in our lives when relationships are formed, we hope that our products blend into peoples lives as well”.







Great care is taken in selecting items for the store, in hopes that there is something in Contrast Living for everyone (including pets!). There is a variety of locally made products, some of which are only carried by Contrast Living in the GTA.

Best sellers are greeting cards, air plants and planters, body care products and their own line of handmade furniture (Haz & Pal) which they are hoping to develop further in the future. One tip, if you see an item that you like in this store, buy it, don’t wait, because they only stock a few of each item and often are not able to reorder.




Currently all sale items (located at the back on the store) are buy 1 get 1 free! Also, glass hanging plants are on right now for $30 (air plant included). Finally, if you post a photo of your purchse on social media and tag #contrast_living you’ll get 10% off your next purchase (until October 31st). Contrast Living also offer giveaways from time to time so make sure follow along on their website (Contrast Living), Instagram (contrast_living) and Facebook page.

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