Life after Infertility

Being a mom is hard. My house is messy, there is a never ending pile of laundry, my kids cry, whine and don’t sleep, I’m sleep deprived. The cuddles, smiles, giggles and I love you’s make it all worthwhile, but it doesn’t make easy. Yet as a mother who struggled with secondary infertility, I feel like I shouldn’t complain. I expect myself to simply be grateful. infertility Erica Schott

life after infertility: A browned haired, light skinned mom and a 6 month old light skinned baby girl taking a selfie in a dirty mirror
Taking selfies in a dirty mirror

Two years ago, I was so desperate to have a second child. I would have given anything at that time to be up at night with a baby. To be juggling life with my son and his baby sister. My experience with infertility gave me perspective and I am overjoyed to have my beautiful baby Rose. infertility

A six month old light skinned baby girl grabbing her dark haired, light skinned mothers face with her hands and trying to give her an open mouthed kiss on her chin

I still have friends who are trying to get pregnant. I often remind myself that I am blessed with my children and not cursed with this disorganized never clean house that comes along with them. infertility

a light skinned mom sitting on a bed looking out a window holding her 4 year old son on her lap who is smiling at the camera

However, I am not perfect and I need to give myself a break. Venting is normal and cathartic and I get some pretty amazing advice from my friends when I share about my experiences and challenges. My husband reminds me that it is ok to have these competing emotions and opinions. In fact it’s human nature. In the words of Walt Whitman, “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” infertility

a 4 year old boy, a 6 month old girl and a mom all wearing various superhero masks and smiling at the camera

*(disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for any complaining that I did during the week that I attempted to sleep train Rose, that time is a blur and I DEFINITELY complained to anyone who let me.)i
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6 comments on “Life after Infertility

  1. MyDH and I were talking today and I was saying I felt like an a$$hole for complaining about the kids to someone who has been trying and hoping for years and has lost babies. :(. I’m sorry you went through that. And yes, it’s ok to complain – venting keeps us sane!

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing such an honest post. Your kids are Beautiful! I hope many women see this post and know they are not alone in their struggle.

  3. I love you’re honesty. I feel like you and am sometimes super guilty after my miscarriage, thinking about how blessed I am with the 2 children I do have and don’t want to come off as ungrateful. But there’s grace, and we’re human, and it is hard!! That doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate it!!

    1. Aw thanks so much for THIS honest comment. We are absolutely blessed but that certainly doesn’t always make motherhood easy! xoxo

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