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Dave and Ashley came together to form CEDAR Juice a little over a year ago. CEDAR is a local cold pressed juice company which can be found in many retailers around Toronto (West End Food Coop and Bolt Fresh Bar to name a few).  They also sell cleanses and custom packs online.  Dave and Ashley met through friends while working corporate jobs in the UK. Both tried cold pressed juice for the first time in New York City and loved it. Ashley would grab one on her commute into work and found she would get the same energy rush as if she’d had a coffee. Probably because you get 3-4lbs of fruit and veggies in each bottle.



I asked them to describe each other.

Ashley says that Dave puts relationships first, “Everyone LOVES Dave… and he gets away with murder because of it!”. Something else to note about Dave is that he is a gifted singer/songwriter (who will be performing at the Wayhome music festival next summer). I asked him if a CEDAR Juice jingle is on the way… I’ll keep you posted.

Dave described Ashley as “a classic accountant!” (read: frugal). “She runs a tight ship, which is invaluable in the food business”.



My husband and I love having CEDAR Juice readily available in the fridge. Mornings are busy and we’re finding it so handy to grab one on our way out the door. My favourites are Pineapple Head and Skip to the Beet, my hubby prefers Cracked it. Morris loves them all!

I also appreciate that I can add some CEDAR Juice to Morris’s meals when I feel like he isn’t eating enough fruits and vegetables.  I even made some into popsicles!



Whoever said making juice was easy, lied. Dave gets up most mornings at the crack of dawn and heads to the food terminal. “Its hectic” Dave says, “you really get to see the food industry in action, its farmers, store owners and suppliers who are passionate about fresh fruits and vegetables”.

Reflecting back over their first year they agreed there are many things they would have done differently. But hindsight is 20/20 right? “You have to take everything in stride, learn from it and move on” says Ashley, “and one of the fun parts of running your own business is trying new things”.

And Cedar has a few “new things” on the go. For those not interested in the traditional cleanse options, CEDAR listened and now have a custom 6 pack. “you can choose your favourite juices and they are delivered to your door”. With the launch they have a 10% off promocode Pick6. There is also a new juice coming this fall! Stay tuned!




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