Fun Beach Activities for Kids

After spending a week at the beach I realized that while I can sit endlessly in the sand, doing nothing but staring at the lapping water, my son and niece need entertainment. We came up with a number of fun beach activities to play using a pail/shovel and items found at the beach. beach activities

Fun Beach Activities!

Sand Hopscotch

Using a stick (or your finger) create a hopscotch grid and then play with a rock. beach activities

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Pura Vida

“Pure Life” is the Costa Rican mantra that embodies the country’s laid back tone. This beautiful country is now easily at the top of my list of favourite places that I have visited.

We had a relatively easy flight (minus a few minor heart attacks on my part during turbulence, to which Morris said “weeee this is fun”). Once safely on the ground and in our rental car, we navigated the winding dirt roads for a few hours until we arrived at our first Air BnB house called Nomad, in Nosara.

Morris and I quickly jumped in the pool, while the owner of the house, Gildas, took Brandon on a little tour of the area.

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