Ways to ‘Beat the Summer Heat’

I LOVE summer. You’ll often hear me asking (from October through to May) why we don’t live in a place with a warmer year round climate? Still, when it gets hot and muggy I often find myself searching for ways to keep cool outside and enjoy the day. Beat the summer heat

Today, I’m teaming up with an amazing group of Ontario bloggers (Mar, Kate, and Amber) to share our favourite ways to beat the summer heat with our little families, and make the most out of what’s left of everyone’s favourite season. 

Basically Morris (and I) love everything water related to cool off. Here are a few things we use/do to beat the summer heat in the city!

Slip n Slide beat the summer heat

beat the summer heat by using a slip n slide in a backyard

I grew up playing on a slip n slide. Todays version, called H2O Go, (which I bought at Walmart for $20) has a great little pool at the end to land in (instead of sliding painfully onto the grass like I did as a kid). It attaches to a hose so that it can continuously spray water on itself (if you want) or you can just hose it down. We add a bit of dish soap to make it slippery and “extra fun” (according to Morris).

Painting with Water beat the summer heat

beat the summer heat by paining with water on a deck or fence

Exactly as it sounds, we have buckets of water and various paintbrushes. Morris and friends paint the deck and fence (and themselves to keep cool!)

Spray bottles

beat the summer heat by using a water bottle with a build in fan like this 4 year old boy

Morris doesn’t have any toy guns (I 100% don’t judge anyone that does, we have just chosen not to so far). Instead he has water “squirters” and various spray bottles that he plays with. One of our favourites is a squirt bottle/fan combo that we bought from the “dollar store” for $4. We also have regular spray bottles that either shoot a straight lines or mist and are great for water battles!

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