5 tips to help with Baby Congestion

Rose has had croup (a virus which makes the airways swell) 3 times in the past few months. When she is sick, trying to keep her calm and help alleviate her congestion (especially at night when it tends to be worse in a reclined position) is my main priority. From my own personal experience and from the TON of reading I’ve done now on “baby congestion” I feel like I’m a bit of a pro so I thought I’d share my insights. baby congestion

5 Tips for Baby Congestion (helps with older kids as well)

  1. Cool Air Humidifier: I now just keep it going in Rose’s room whenever she is sleeping. In the middle of the night when she is really congested I sit her upright next to it so that she can breath it in directly. I find the moisture helps almost immediately. When the humidifier doesn’t help turning the bathroom into a steam room usually does. I run very hot water and sit with Rose OUTSIDE the shower until the room fills with steam. Then we sit in the steam for 15 minutes. baby congestion
  2. Snot Sucker: Grossest/best thing ever. Forget the bulb syringe, it doesn’t work. In conjunction with a nasal spray like HydraSense, the snot sucker works even better. I have this one and this one.
  3. Upright love pats: I hold Rose upright against my chest (the position alone tends to help with congestion) I lightly pat (percussion) her on the back with my hand cupped.
  4. Nasal massage: I gently massage pressure points on the side of her nose. Surprisingly she doesn’t seem to mind it. I do the same with Morris who gets blocked tear ducts whenever he has a cold. See technique here.
  5. Pushing fluids: Rose typically doesn’t have milk at night anymore, but when she is congested I offer fluids whenever she is awake, congested and/or fussy, day or night.

I’d love to hear anything else that you find works- leave me a message in the comments!

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