A Hug Plan

the Huggies event space where we learned about the Hug Plan
Huggies Hug Plan event space

A few weeks ago Rose and I had the pleasure of attending a Huggies Canada event. I learned all about the importance of having a Hug Plan- hugging your baby skin-to-skin right after birth.

Dr. Dina Kulik– leading Toronto paediatrician- led us in a multi-sensory experience to show what babies feel in the womb and immediately following birth. By blocking out a few of our senses that (sight and hearing) we were able to really focus on our sense of touch. She also shared her moving personal experience of the benefits of skin-to-skin and how it helped her own baby.

Following this we listened to a talk by two mothers, who also happen to be leading medical experts- Child Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Christine Chambers and Certified Neonatal Nurse, Dr. Marsha Campbell-Yeo. They discussed their research- in which they completed a literature review of over 500 articles- on the benefits of skin-to-skin (benefits are outlined below). My beautiful friend and Huggies Ambassador, Natalie Preddie, also shared how she planned for her first hug with her baby boy with her Hug Plan.

After hearing all this information, although I didn’t have an official Hug Plan with my babies, I am so happy and thankful for my midwives for encouraging skin-to-skin after the birth of both Morris and Rose.  Read Rose’s birth story here. Some benefits for baby are:

  • More stable heart rate
  • Improved oxygen levels
  • More stable body temperature
  • Improved pain tolerance
  • Improved sleep
  • Faster weight gain
  • Healthier brain development

Lastly a member of the Huggies Research & Development team took us through a session outlining the features of Huggies Diapers & Wipes and discussed diapering best practices and skin-to-skin opportunities.

You can download and complete your own Hug Plan here.

*All photos in this post are from Teddy Chau

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