Thursday Top Three – Favourite Laundry Tips

Ok, not exciting I know. Except if you are someone who does laundry ALL.THE.TIME. like me. Then, when you learn some helpful laundry tips/tricks, you get excited and want to share them with the world. Or at least with whoever reads this blog. (Mom and Dad?) laundry tips

Green Beaver Castile Soap Laundry Tips

All Natural, removes stains AND smells AMAZING. Not sure what else you need from a laundry detergent? Oh but this one also doubles as dish soap, cleaner, shampoo, body soap and toothpaste (if you are so inclined). It has various other uses as well (stay tuned for a full review coming soon).

green beaver castille soap laundry tips


I hate cleaning linen. I mean, I detest doing laundry as a whole, but bedding is the absolute worst. However, I love my bed to look, feel and smell clean. I love it to look wrinkle free like it hasn’t been slept in (I think I am more Type A then I let myself believe). My trick is to use my steamer in between washes. The steamer kills bacteria and viruses, deodorizes and sanitizes naturally with the heat and moisture.

The California Roll

My sister-in-law recently told me about this, “super easy” way to put on a duvet cover. To be honest I didn’t entirely believe that it could be as simple as she described. It is, and it makes me very happy. Turn the duvet cover inside out. Lay the duvet on top, lining up the corners. Start at one side and roll the duvet and the cover up like a carpet roll. Pull the end of the duvet cover over the end of the duvet and zip it up. Unroll.. Voila, done!

lady doing a duvet california roll laundry tips

Check out this Youtube video (not mine) to see how easy!

Thats all. PLEASE leave any helpful tips and tricks for laundry in the comments!


Summer Vacation with Wateraft

One amazing thing about living in Ontario is the beautiful cottage country. For our summer vacation this year we were lucky enough to ‘cottage hop’ before stopping at my husband’s family cottage on Georgian Bay for a few weeks. We brought our Wateraft with us. If you’ve seen my photos and videos on Instagram you may wonder how we’ve been able to bring this 6 by 15 foot foam raft from cottage to cottage. It’s surprisingly light (weighing 28 lbs). It’s easy to roll up and strap onto the roof-rack of the car (according to my husband– truthfully I haven’t needed to help him). Read more…

Thursday Top Three- Parent and Child Yoga Poses

I completed my yoga teacher training when I was pregnant with Morris. Shortly after a friend asked me if I knew of any parent/child classes in the neighbourhood. I didn’t. So I rented a space and made a flyer. I ran a 9 week class for parents and kids (ages 6-10). Then infertility took over my life and I haven’t done it since (except with Morris for fun). We also like to meditate and do other activities that help us relax. Parent and Child Yoga Read more…

Why Do You not Wear a Bike Helmet?

Someone please enlighten me. Is it so that your hair doesn’t get ruined? Are you too hot? It’s not cool? I honestly cannot wrap my head around (no pun intended) why people do not wear bike helmets. And I’m not talking a select few. Everyday I see many many people cycling around Toronto (of all places – it’s the worst for city for bikes) without helmets on their heads. What could possibly be more important than keeping your brain safe and potentially keeping yourself alive? Read more…

My Husband – A Follow-up

When I wrote a short (and what I thought was funny) story about my husband last month I did not expect the reaction it received. (Click here to read) I thought it would get a few giggles and I would get a few texts from some mom friends telling me they can relate. What I didn’t expect was to get as many comments as I did. Most telling me relatable stories, some commiserating with Brandon about forgetting his golf glove. Also comments stating that my post negatively reinforces the idea that men are incompetent and that ladies should not allow their husbands to get away with not helping. I was also told that it was ‘mean’ and that a few of my friends husbands asked if they feel the same way. (I didn’t think many men read my blog- so thanks!).* gender roles

Read more…