How to get out the door quickly with kids

Morris is out of daycare and home with me full time for the summer. I’ve realized that since we’ve added Rose to our little crew it is not nearly as easy as it used to be to get out of the house in a timely manner. I love a lazy day at home every once in a while, but most days we are out and about. Here’s how I manage to get out the door quickly with kids.

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Tummy Time Alternatives

Rose was not a fan of tummy time, she would roll onto her back or put her face down and cry.

As an occupational therapist this worried me. I’m very aware of the importance of tummy time because early time spent on the tummy builds skills that are essential for later development (turning and lifting the head, pushing up, crawling). I used/use a variety of techniques to help her enjoy the time she spends on her tummy. At 7 months it is still not her favourite position, but as she begins to push up onto her hands and knees in preparation for crawling she seems to enjoy it more and more. Also she’s sleeping better! tummy time

Here are some of the alternative tummy time positions that we use.

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How I met my Mom friends

As much as I love my kids (and my husband) I truly would not be able to function without my “mom friends”. I need my girls to vent to, laugh with and get advice from. When I moved into my neighbourhood 4 years ago, 1 month before my first Maternity Leave, I had one friend in the area: my sister.

We spent basically everyday together for the first 6 months of Morris’s life. Then she went back to work. Read more…