A Good Night’s Sleep

I knew before she was born that I wanted to co-sleep with Rose.  Morris was a terrible sleeper as a baby and only slept well in my arms while I spent the night awake making sure he was safe and I wasn’t rolling over onto him. We tried 3 different bassinetes and a swing, but he wanted to be close to me. I was dreading the same sleepless nights with Rose so when a friend told me about the DockATot it sounded like the answer to my baby sleep prayers, and it has been.  I sleep soundly next to Rose, in her DockATot, knowing that she is safe.  .

The DockATot is handmade in Europe from all natural, 100% cotton material that is OEKO-TEX certified.

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Rose Penelope- A Birth Story

Rose’s birth story

The night before Rose was born I woke up a couple of times to Morris yelling that he was thirsty. I didn’t think that this would be the start of her birth story. At 5am I got up to get him something to drink again I noticed my water had broken.  Not knowing what this meant in terms to labour progression, I paged my midwives. I was told that I would likely go into labour, “sometime soon, in the next 24 hours or so”.

So my husband stayed home from work and we made plans for Morris to be taken care of that day. My midwife phoned mid-afternoon to check in.  She said that we had a 24 hour window for labour to start naturally. After that we would need to go to the hospital to induce it medically. She suggested using a breast pump to start contractions. Although I had heard of this I was skeptical, but was willing to try to avoid induction.  Using the breast pump caused contractions instantly. Unfortunately, they were mild and didn’t progress over the next few hours.

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