Bump to Baby Show Round-up

This past weekend I attended the second annual Bump to Baby Show at Wychwood Barns hosted by Mira Heitz and Rachel Schwartzman. As someone who has been slowly ‘going natural’ over the past few years, this was a great event to learn about local natural products and companies.  My friend Sonya and I were invited to arrive early and attend a tour before the doors officially opened.  We kept falling behind the tour because we we were having great conversations with the vendors.

Freda from Bridge the Bump, me and my friend Sonja

Here is a little round-up of some of the local, health conscious businesses that I had the pleasure of chatting with. For a complete list of vendors click here.

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Home Tour

We recently listed and rented our house with Airbnb and somehow we qualified for professional photographs. I thought I’d take advantage of having great photos of our super clean and tidy house to post a little home tour.

FullSizeRender 60
View walking in the front door. The hallway has photos that we purchased from the Toronto archives of our neighbourhood around the turn of the century.   Straight ahead is the kitchen and to the left the living and dining rooms.
FullSizeRender 55
Living Room- the weird split wall on the left is because before we bought the house the fireplace was permanently closed up. I did a family photo wall in an attempt to make it less obvious (not sure I succeeded) To offset the black and white we bought two amazing and colourful pieces from Skeir Gallery

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