This Little Piggy

When I came back to work (in Parkdale) after my maternity leave last summer, I was so happy to see a new baby store, with the sweetest name, This Little Piggy.

Faye opened her store for the very reasons that I was excited to have it, so that moms in the Parkdale and surrounding areas could get things that they would have before had to go online to find- hip clothing, new and interesting baby products, even a good nursing bra.

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CEDAR Cold Pressed Juice

Dave and Ashley came together to form CEDAR Juice a little over a year ago. CEDAR is a local cold pressed juice company which can be found in many retailers around Toronto (West End Food Coop and Bolt Fresh Bar to name a few).  They also sell cleanses and custom packs online.  Dave and Ashley met through friends while working corporate jobs in the UK. Both tried cold pressed juice for the first time in New York City and loved it. Ashley would grab one on her commute into work and found she would get the same energy rush as if she’d had a coffee. Probably because you get 3-4lbs of fruit and veggies in each bottle.

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