Meet us at the Parkette


Our first hidden gem in The Junction. Maria Street Parkette is (obviously) located on Maria Street, just one block north of Dundas Street a little east of Runnymede. This little park, which is completely fenced in (a big plus when you have a toddler who doesn’t ask permission before trying to run into the street) was completely renovated less than two years ago.


There is a large sandbox which houses a water spout that toddlers can turn on to pour water into the sand, and all over themselves (bringing a towel and change of clothes to this park is probably not a terrible idea). The equipment is great for toddlers, but I’ve also seen some older kids having a blast there.


It is definitely worth checking out if you’re in and around the area. All the parents I’ve chatted with here have been very nice (as  all Junctionites are). Maybe Morris and I will see you there!

At the Corner of Pacific and Lansdowne

My husband, son and I live just outside the The Junction, I work in Parkdale and we all adore both. There are so many things to love in these two areas; stores, art, vintage, restaurants, markets, and parks. I want to share favourites from both and some stories from our life….

If you live in one area and love it, you should definitely check out the other, hopefully this blog can help you explore. If you are new to either area… same deal. If you live anywhere in Toronto and haven’t been to The Junction or Parkdale, you should plan your next Saturday in one and Sunday in the other… If you live outside Toronto there are even some gorgeous AirBnbs to stay in while you visit.

One of my hopes for this blog is to interview and photograph some shop/restaurant owners in The Junction and Parkdale so that we can get to know the people behind the local stores. I would also hope to talk to some residents to share their stories and find some hidden gems.

Please feel free to follow along, comment, request, and share stories of your own.