20 Things About Me…

I was tagged on Instagram by my friend @mayamaitri to share 20 things about myself… I thought I’d do it on my blog instead.


  1. I was born in Montreal, raised in Brantford, and have lived in Toronto for the past 8 years
  2. My husband and I met at a Concert in 2003 through my sister and (now) brother-in-law
  3. I work as an Occupational Therapist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in an outpatient clinic for people diagnosed with major mental illness, for the most part I love my job (but I really want to be a SAHM)
  4. I am a summer person, fall is ok, but its leads to winter and I hate being cold
  5. The only thing I like about winter is skiing, I love skiing- taught it for 6 yearsIMG_0576
  6. I have an orchid that a friend gave me the week Morris was born, I am terrible with house plants, but this orchid is still blooming over two years later
  7. I have a huge sweet tooth, especially for ice cream- I could probably live off sweets (and cheese and wine)
  8. I love yoga and did my training to teach a few years ago, I hate joggingheadstand
  9. I love art
  10. I have a cat named Mookie- I’ve always had cats, never had a dog (I like them, just don’t want to own one)
  11. My parents have been married for 41 years, in a happy and healthy relationship, I plan follow in their footstepsIMG_4125
  12. I enjoy canoeing and camping trips and regret not going on one this past summer
  13. I started a blog twice before this one (years ago) and never hit publish
  14. My sister is my best friend (my brother is pretty cool too, he lives in Vancouver)IMG_4409
  15. I love (honestly) pulling weeds, I probably spent over 30 hours this summer pulling weeds in my front yard
  16. My favourite smell is clean laundry
  17. I love reading and writing, I used to write poetry a lot, but probably haven’t written a poem in over 10 years, we read to Morris every dayIMG_2640
  18. More than anything in the entire world right now I want to be pregnant, it pretty much consumes my thoughts
  19. Yellow is my favourite colour, other then that I don’t have favourites, no fav movie, song, book, etc.
  20. I would love to learn to play guitar

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