My baby is 1 year old

I am in shock that a year has passed so quickly. At this time last year my water had broken and we were waiting for labour to start. We didn’t know the gender and were anxious to see if we would be meeting Rose (or Oscar – had we had a boy).  Rose arrived quickly, about 20 minutes after finally getting out of the hospital parking garage and into the labour/maternity wing. Although I had gained over 50lbs during my pregnancy, sweet Rose was a whooping 6.2 lbs at birth. 1 year old

newborn baby with parents

My sister brought Morris to the hospital the next morning and seeing Morris and Rose together for the first time was one of the best experiences of my life.

Rose- The subject of MANY blog posts 1 year old

Struggling to get pregnant with Rose was really was the entire reason I started this blog in the first place. It’s been nice to write about her instead of wishing for her. She hated tummy time, so we practiced various methods. There were terrible days with teething, so I explored every teething remedy out there. She refused to sleep (and therefore let me sleep) for most of this past year, so I have researched more gentle sleep training approaches. Having her has taught me to be a more organized parent. I have learned how to reduce my stress quickly and faced my mom guilt when juggling two kids feels like too much.  I have also come to terms with my feelings about life after infertility, 1 year old

photo taken by Little Moments

1 year old
Photo taken by Itsy Bitsy Baby Photography

Things I want to remember from the first year: 1 year old

  • Rose fiercely loves Morris and thinks everything he does is hilarious.
  • Until she was 6.5 months old she refused to eat solids.  Now loves fruit (except banana) and all green vegetables.
  • At about 8 months old she started crawling
  • Her first steps were on November 8th at nearly 11 months old.
  • She is finally “sleeping through the night” until about 5-6am each morning!

As much as I would love time to slow down, I’m so excited to see Rose change and grow over the next year of her life.

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